Healing Waters Oracle

Healing Waters Oracle

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Discover the sacred healing powers of water and find support, connection and guidance with this beautiful activating oracle from Rebecca Campbell.

Recognized the world over as a source of healing, this oracle celebrates water as an element infused with blessings. Mesmerizing digital montage imagery from visionary artist Katie-Louise helps you bathe in the nurturing power of water.

Tap into deep transformation with the Metamorphosis card, find confidence with the Plunge card and immerse yourself in a life with greater flow with the Let It Go card.

The Healing Waters Oracle is a call to tune in to the sacred rivers, lakes, seas and oceans that surround us and celebrate water as our most precious resource. It offers a system to support you in connecting with your inner world and also to deepen your connection to the sacred waters of this world.

Through working with the 44 cards and accompanying guidebook you will be guided to attune to the healing wisdom of water and create space in your life to replenish, reflect and nourish your mind, body and soul.