Ammu: Indian Home-Cooking To Nourish Your Soul

Ammu: Indian Home-Cooking To Nourish Your Soul

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A heart-warming cookbook of comforting aromatic Indian flavours, from Asma Khan of Darjeeling Express and Netflix fame

Indian food from home, cooked with heart

This book is a collection of recipes from my childhood, my Indian family kitchen. A celebration of where I come from, of home-cooking, and the inextricable link between food and love. It is a chance for me to honour my ammu, and to share with you the recipes that made me, that root me to home.

This book is a joyful celebration of memories of food, and its power to heal, restore and comfort.

I include my ammu's comfort food, from my childhood, the recipes she with which she taught me to cook, celebratory food for special occasions, slow-cooked recipes passed through the generation of my family that have long rich histories and methodical recipes to match and, finally, my recipes, now that I am ammu - all quick and easy, mixing the ingredients I have at hand in London with my favourite spices.