Self Love Crystals: Crystal spells and rituals for magical self-care

Self Love Crystals: Crystal spells and rituals for magical self-care

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Crystals are full of magic, beauty, and power, and so are you 

From rose quartz for self-love and citrine for self-confidence, to tiger's eye for self-assurance and amethyst for self-belief, you'll find the perfect crystal for all your magical and self-care needs in Self-Love Crystals

Written by modern witch and crystal expert, Claire Titnus, and filled with spells and recipes to help you boost your everyday wellbeing, learn how to harness the mystical powers of over 70 crystals, and incorporate them into your daily self-care practice using simple rituals. 

Embrace the art of cleansing, charging, and connecting with your crystals, and unearth their heart-warming energies through: 

  • A rose quartz spell jar for self-love 
  • A clear quartz meditation to remove blockages and boost positive thinking 
  • A black tourmaline salt scrub recipe to banish self-doubt 
  • An opal new moon magic spell to encourage new ideas 
  • An amethyst shower ritual for clear thinking 
  • A pyrite prayer to increase personal power and prosperity 
  • A soothing selenite and lavender bedtime ritual for prophetic dreams 
  • A colourful crystal chakra healing ceremony 
  • A crystal chanting circle for self-confidence and encouragement 

... and more 

With tips and tricks to help you on your self-care and crystal healing journey, this gorgeous guide to crystal magic is truly a must-have for every modern mystic.